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Wine Wedding Italy

Fabulous “Wine Wedding Italy” promotion specially dedicated to new clients!!!

“Wine Wedding Italy” Agritourism Villa Baroncino

  • owns  personal vineyard
  • produces red, white wine as well as Prosecco each year.
  • 10.000 bottles of red wine
  • 5.000 bottles of white wine
  • 5.000 bottles of Prosecco.
  • The wine is bottled with the villa’s coat of arms.
  • serving wine produced on the estate where the wedding is held will add a lovely touch to your reception.
  • We produce 1500 kg of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


“Wine Wedding Italy package”:

  • Wine Wedding Italy offer is reserved to wedding couples that book all the Villa Baroncino estate
  • Accomodation + 6 wine bottles “free of charge” per each person (i.e. 50 persons=300 bottles of wine)
  • The wine will be delivered at your arrival at the villa.
  • 200 Italian Moretti beers “free of charge” will be delivered to you upon arrival at the villa.
  • 5 Kg of Extra virgin Olive Oil produced from our farm estate
  • In addition to the “Wine Wedding Italy” package, 60 wine bottles will be sent to you “free of charge” after the booking has been made to celebrate your engagement (1)
  •  50% of the wine bottles ordered must be of red wine!
  • Commercial value over €3000!!!

An exciting package…”Wine Wedding Italy” is a selection of best Tuscan wines for an unforgettable Made-in-Italy wedding. Our “Wine Wedding Italy” package will enhance  your Tuscan experience and create amazing memories with your dearest friends and families in a dream atmosphere.

Our Philosophy is to host your wedding in the worldwide region well known as the best for wine and in the most beautiful place in Italy where you get to know wine selections like Montalcino, Chianti, Sangiovese and Montepulciano.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil has long represented the unique spiritual, natural and culinary feature of the hills around Lake Trasimeno and in Umbria. This is a land of age-old traditions, and today it is the leading area for the DOP mark –Protected Designation of Origin – for extra virgin olive oil.


(1)The 60 bottles will be divided into 20 red and 20 white and 20 prosecco and it will be delivered to  your home address within Europe (please contact us for extra European deliveries to have more details on the offer).