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Marquee Wedding Ideas

Here at Villa Baroncino we have many Marquee Wedding Ideas for your special day. With our style, having a marquee for your wedding is  a budget-friendly, easy option.

We will minimize the amount of work involved in the organization and set up.   Having a marquee reception will be your winning challenge versus a hotel or country house venue.

Let our professionalism guide you to a succesfull event and suggest some Marquee Wedding Ideas:

  • What style? Our marquee is equipped with eight chandeliers that are fitted with speakers for background music during the dinner and at the party afterwards. The floor is made of antique terracotta and the structure has sliding glass walls. It can be opened completely during the summer but closed quickly in case of bad weather and during the winter. Since it can be heated, it can be used year-round to add a touch of elegance to your reception.
  • Using Romantic Italian Weddings by Marco Bernasconi as wedding planner, they will assist with the planning, project and manage the wedding day for you. They will deal on your behalf with the suppliers involved. The suppliers suggested by Romantic Italian Weddings have many marquee wedding ideas to decorate the venue, take delivery of goods plus our venue manager Ina will oversee the day itself so if any challenges occur she will deal them with a professional manner leaving you to relax and party.
  • Use the ceiling… Another of our many marquee wedding ideas…You can create your own style decorations within our marquee by using Hanging lanterns, bunting and pom poms or  elegant hanging crystals, origami birds or chandeliers. Couples who want a more intimate feel in our marquee could also consider draping.
  • More Marquee Wedding Ideas? Lighting is a great way to set the mood for your wedding. Get creative and use our lighting techniques, lights can brighten up your venue or give your event a cozy romantic feel.
    Nothing transforms a wedding setting quite like the right lighting. String lights, light bulbs, colored lights and lanterns all create ambience and add an elegant touch to your special day.
    There are plenty of ways to use lighting to give your wedding a custom look, it really can set an atmosphere and create a special effect.
  • You needn’t think about parking for guests and back-of-house suppliers at Villa Baroncino. Parking is nearby and provide a solid walkway for guests even in case of raining, walking is “no worries for ladies in heels”. Proper signage so people know where to park and the route back to the car, great outside lighting.
  • Toilets are not an issue at Villa Baroncino. The villa has in total 20 bathrooms (19 for the guests and 1 for the staff) that can be used during your stay and especially on the wedding day. Some venues when it comes to have a large number of guests suggests to organize some mobile toilets, at Villa Baroncino you will not need it.

This structure, measuring 10 x 20 meters (32.8 x 65.6′) for a total area of 200 square meters (over 2150 sq. ft), can comfortably accommodate groups up to 120 people. This extremely elegant structure is brown on the outside and the ceiling inside is lined with exquisite cream-colored plissé fabric.

The interior has stunning view of the olive grove below, the green hills, our marvelous garden and vineyards in the background.

Very few villas have a permanent structure like this on their grounds. We offer it at an extremely convenient price to the couples who rent our villa: less than 1/3 of the market price for renting this type of structure just for the wedding day.